Oil Heating Calculator.

By filling in the boxes in the oil heating calculator below and clicking the respective “Calculate!” button, you can calculate the power and/or time required to heat particular volumes of oil. For the Theory & Explanation, click HERE.

Reference – Liquid Density List.

Specific heat capacity of oil kcal/kg°C3:

Volume of oil to heat in litres:

Starting (lower) temperature in degrees C:

Finishing (higher) temperature in degrees C:

Density of oil in kg/dm3:

Time to heat oil in hours:

The power required is: kW

When you are done with the Oil Heating Calculator & know how much power you require, your next decision is whether to apply direct heat to your solution via a heating element. an immersion heater or an over the side vat heater. Each potential solution has it’s pros and cons, elements are cheap but have exposed connections, immersion heaters are waterproof with IP65 orIP67 rated terminal boxes but are more expensive and require tank to be drained for fitting/maintenance, whereas over the side vat heaters can just be dropped into solution, but the vat thermostats are horribly expensive compared with a £30 stat dropped into your immersion heater. Swings & roundabouts.