High Temperature Stood Off Immersion Heaters.

If your application working temperature runs into 3 figures, the wise thing to do is to remove the terminal box from the heat. The terminal box contains all of your electrical connections. Seperating this from the vessel by including a stand off, to provide clear airflow to dissipate the heat. You will need High Temperature Stood Off Immersion Heaters.

A customer once spoke of a working temperature of 450ºC. Something to do with biodiesel in the Emerald Isle. All I can say is I hope he is still alive.

I have been told that high temp cabling will suffice. That “It’ll be alright, I’ll leave the door open!” And multitude of other reasons not to do the job properly. And whilst I do not do advice, as I have come to the conclusion in this increasingly mad world that I know absolutely nothing for sure, I will say….


And if you choose not to, none of my calls are recorded for training & quality purposes, so you are on your own, good luck, and may whatever God you choose to believe in, go with you.

A stand off is really very simple, it employs two screwplugs (or flanges, if you are going large), one to fit into the vessel, one to provide a base for your terminal box, with a clear few inches of gap between the two to allow dissipation of the excessive heat. Thetemperature dictates the size of the gap. Which leads me onto the bespoke nature of these heaters.

Whilst we carry stock of water & oil heaters, High Temperature Stood Off Immersion Heaters are too rare & unique, so they will be made specially to your exact requirements. They will be based on the Industrial Immersion Heaters Range , ie, 8mm incalloy800 elements, IP67 terminal box, but can be tweaked to have 2 entry ports, none 1 or 2 stat pockets, and whatever dimensions & power rating & screwplug you desire.

The drawing below shows the setup visually, fotos are of ii Range which will form basis of the build.

High Temperature Stood Off Immersion Heaters Images.

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your High Temperature Stood Off Immersion Heaters requirements. If you start off by telling me you want to DO THE BLOODY JOB PROPERLY, you will get a healthy discount. As it makes all the time I spend on my website rewardingly worthwhile.

Make a great day.

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