FFY Flanged Immersion Heater


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Our FFY Flanged Immersion Heater, high quality UK manufactured & available in 2-3 weeks as standard, 1 week if you are in Distress*, is an equivalent heater to –

Heatrod – HRF


Santon – DY

168mm Ø X 12mm AISI316 FLANGE 8 x 10mm HOLES 146mm PCD

Click the links above to view the available alternatives from those companies.

However, if you want a British manufactured, reasonably priced, rapid turnaroud heater, made by British folks, paid British wages to pay their British bills, then call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss.

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###If you’re open to some innovative thinking, we propose considering a Screwed Flanged* Immersion Heater as a cost-effective, and rapid turnaround alternative to an FFY Flanged Heater. Click here to peruse.###

FFY Heater Specifications

  • 168mm Ø AISI316L or 304L FLANGE 8 x 10mm HOLES 146mm PCD
  • 12-54kW – 3 Phase only – Can be STAR or DELTA to suit your application.
  • 16 – 36″ Immersed Length.
  • Incoloy 800 sheathed elements, 8mm ⌀ as standard. SS316L 8mm ⌀as an option.
  • 6,9 or 12 elements to suit kW.
  • 1 or 2 stats, control and/or safety cutout as required.
  • IP65 terminal box, available in Mild Steel Powder Coated or Stainless Steel 316 for greater durability.
  • Stainless Steel 316L or 304L flange.
  • We offer various controls including mechanical temperature controls and also a fully digital standalone which displays the current heater settings for more accurate requirements.
  • Each heater can be supplied with an adjustable control thermostat, for automatic temperature control and Run Dry, manual reset, over-temperature protection thermostat.
  • Designed for horizontal installation only
  • @380v & 440v Power Ratings – see table below.
Model Loading kW 415v 3Ph Elements Immersed Length” Immersed Length mm Loading kW 380v 3Ph Loading kW 440v 3Ph
FFY1216 12 6 16 405 10.1 13.5
FFY1223 12 6 23 584 10.1 13.5
FFY1816 18 6 or 9 16 405 15.1 20.2
FFY1823 18 6 or 9 23 584 15.1 20.2
FFY2416 24 6 or 12 16 405 20.1 27
FFY2423 24 6 or 12 23 584 20.1 27
FFY2716 27 9 16 405 22.6 30.4
FFY3027 30 6 27 685 25.2 33.7
FFY3627 36 12 27 685 30.2 40.5
FFY4527 45 9 27 685 37.7 50.6
FFY5436 54 9 36 915 45.3 60.7

FFY Flanged Immersion Heater Images

FFY drawing
FFY drawing

If, on reflection, you feel that a 2.25″BSP screwed immersion heater better suits your needs, take a look at out II (Industrial Immersion) Heater Range.

Useful FFY Flanged Immersion Heater Background Information

An Immersion Heater…

Immersion Heater

…is usually 3 Heating Elements, (usually Incoloy 800 sheathed (“A Superior Stainless Steel“))…

U Bent 30′′ 750mm Heating Element UK

…sometimes U bent as in Element image, sometimes looped, as in Immersion Heater image, to fit more element into available space, thus lowering the watt density & extending it’s working life. Usually on a screwplug, usually Brass 2.25″BSP.  Usually with a terminal box, hopefully IP 67 . Commonly to screw into a vessel, usually Stainless Steel, generally through the side, via a weld boss, welded to the tank.

If you now realise what you are actually after is a Heating Element, please click HERE to visit, view and buy from our sister site, HeatingElements.co.uk.  Or you can stay on IHUK and view our element selection HERE.

If you are interested in a Screwed Immersion Heater, please select from –

Further Useful Stuff.

3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK
3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK

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