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120KW 415V 1200mm IMMERSED DN250 10NB PN16 FLANGE HEATER horizontal
120KW 415V 1200mm IMMERSED DN250 10NB PN16 FLANGE HEATER horizontal

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Common Flanged Heater Sizes & Specs.

Our FFY Range are equivalent to Heatrod – HRF & EXHEAT – HFY & Santon – DY

168mm Ø X 12mm AISI316 FLANGE 8 x 10mm HOLES 146mm PCD

Model Loading kW 415v 3Ph Elements Immersed Length” Immersed Length mm Loading kW 380v 3Ph Loading kW 440v 3Ph
FFY1216 12 6 16 405 10.1 13.5
FFY1223 12 6 or 9 23 584 10.1 13.5
FFY1816 18 6 or 9 16 405 15.1 20.2
FFY1823 18 6 or 9 23 584 15.1 20.2
FFY2416 24 6 or 9 16 405 20.1 27
FFY2423 24 9 23 584 20.1 27
FFY2716 27 9 16 405 22.6 30.4
FFY3027 30 9 27 685 25.2 33.7
FFY3627 36 9 27 685 30.2 40.5
FFY4527 45 9 27 685 37.7 50.6
FFY5436 54 12 36 915 45.3 60.7
  • Bespoke to suit your specific requirements.
  • 1kw to 2000kw power rating.
  • 240 or 415 volts with other voltages available for equipment destined for other countries.
  • Various flange size and material to suit application,
  • Stood off‘ terminal enclosures available for high temperature applications.
  • Available with thermostats and/or safety cut-outs,
  • Incoloy 800 or stainless steel sheathed elements,
  • Available with a range of IP rated terminal enclosure to suit.
  • Flameproof and explosion-Proof ATEX certified Exd constructions available on request.

Needing a Flanged Heater doesn’t have to be a stress. Let us show you a better, British way.

Typical Flange Dimensions.

As with pipes (hence the British Standard Pipe Legacy), it was necessary to standardise the dimensions of the various flange types depending upon requirements. Standardisation also facilitates easier communication between relevant parties (designer, manufacturer etc.), with a reduced likelihood of error. Typical Flange Dimensions

A piping designer in Canada may wish to instruct on site fitters in Kuwait to use a certain flange with specific dimensions. This process would be tedious considering the criteria that must be specified (internal diameter, outside diameter, thickness, hole diameter etc.). To circumvent this problem, the designer indicates the type of flange, its size, pressure class, schedule, and the standard to which it is to conform.

Immersion Heaters UK – Useful Stuff.

3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK
3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK

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YouTube Channel.

On our YouTube channel we have videos showing how to wire an immersion heater

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