L Shaped Immersion Heater



An L Shaped Immersion Heater is designed for heating or maintaining constant temperature of liquids in static conditions. These immersion heater are designed for being installed horizonatally at the bottom of process tanks.


  • Range of room temperature:-60C /+60C
  • IP65 junction box protection
  • Power: Up to: 225kw
  • Length: Up to 4500mm
  • Standard elements available sheathed Incoloy 800
  • Multiple rows of elements for higher wattages
  •  Flange mounted with removable stand pipe for an easy installation.Aplications:
  • Storage tanks
  • Heating liquids in large tanks or vessels with low levels of product.
  • Heating liquids in underground tanks

L Shaped Heater Images.

L Shaped Heater
L Shaped Heater
L Shaped Immersion Heater in Tank
L Shaped Immersion Heater in Tank

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