Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater


If you’re open to some innovative thinking, we propose considering a Screwed Flanged* Immersion Heater as a cost-effective alternative to an excessively expensive Flanged Heater. Contact Jamie at 01827 215684 to explore this option.

The fundamental idea involves taking a flange and, instead of fitting it with elements as seen in our FFY Range, either tapping it with a 2.25″BSP thread or cutting a 70mm hole in it and welding a 2.25″BSP boss to it. It’s somewhat like –

Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater flange Foto
Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater flange Foto


This allows you to either opt for a readily available (next-day delivery) or customized (two-week delivery) screwed immersion heater and easily incorporate it to heat your solution. The enduring benefit of this solution is that you can continue to employ it in the future. Given that a screwed heater costs between £230-450, compared to our least expensive flanged 12kW (FFY1216) priced at £1055, the potential for substantial savings becomes evident.

For larger flanges necessitating higher power, we can affix multiple weld bosses onto the flange. This enables the installation of more heaters within the available space. For instance, fitting three stock 18-inch units at £350 each would result in a 54kW system (if these were stock 18’s at 33″). Alternatively, three 24-inch units at £420 each could accommodate a 72kW system (if these were 24’s at 43″).

…or possibly even 4 (for example, with stock 18-inch units at 33″ and priced at £350 each, it would yield a 72kW unit. Alternatively, using 4 x 24-inch units at 43″, each priced at £420, it could support a 96kW capacity) –

Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater – What is feasible will be dictated by the flange dimensions.

Flange table
Flange table


Additional images will be incorporated as we continue to sell this innovative variation. We sincerely hope that the concept gains popularity. It proves to be a significant win-win for both customers and suppliers.

Feel free to reach out to Jamie at 01827 215684 to discuss your specific requirements. The initial customers who choose this approach will benefit from favorable prices. We look forward to receiving photos. We will take some before they leave our facility. Ideally we would like some in their operational environment, showcasing their effective performance on-site. Your glowing reviews are also highly appreciated.

Useful Background Screwed Flanged Immersion Heater Information

An Immersion Heater…

Immersion Heater

…is usually 3 Heating Elements, (usually Incoloy 800 sheathed (“A Superior Stainless Steel“))…

U Bent 30′′ 750mm Heating Element UK

…sometimes U bent as in Element image, sometimes looped, as in Immersion Heater image, to fit more element into available space, thus lowering the watt density & extending it’s working life. Usually on a screwplug, usually Brass 2.25″BSP.  Usually with a terminal box, hopefully IP 67 . Commonly to screw into a vessel, usually Stainless Steel, generally through the side, via a weld boss, welded to the tank.

If you now realise what you are actually after is a Heating Element, please click HERE to visit, view and buy from our sister site,  Or you can stay on IHUK and view our element selection HERE.

If you are interested in a Screwed Immersion Heater, please select from –

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3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK
3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK

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*Patent Pending (NOT!) until we (or you) devise a more fitting name. We appreciate your diligence in checking!