PN6 Flanged Immersion Heater


The many variables and specific nature of your requirements for a PN6 Flanged immmersion Heater dictate that we need a conversation. Screwed immersion heaters are standardised (2.25″BSP, 12kW = 600mm, etc), on the shelf, and available to buy online. Flanged heater needs tend to be more particular & individual. So it’s best you give me a call.

Jamie – 01827 215684.

Available as standard in 2-3 weeks these are High Quality, British Manufactured heaters. We can expedite this service, bringing the lead time down to 5 working days, if you are desperate enough to pay the 50% “Distress Price”*.

Best to buy a spare, prevention is better than cure.

If your power requirements are between 1254kW, our FFY Range may be a viable standardised option.

These immersion heaters, rated up to 6 BAR, are available in a range of DIN or DN sizes.

A Flanged Heater engineered with a Pressure Nominale (PN) designation is constructed to withstand pressures up to the specified BAR level, with PN16, for instance, capable of handling pressures up to 16 BAR. This affects various aspects, including the depth of the flange, the arrangement, quantity, and size of bolts, among other considerations. In simpler terms, components can only be paired if they share both DN and PN compatibility. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a conventional approach and initiate a conversation. Feel free to contact Jamie at 01827 215684. Furthermore, the discussion may cover potential requirements for Blind Female Flange Fittings, gaskets, bolt kits containing nuts and washers, and stand-off tubes.

PN16 Flanged Heater has the following specs, according to it’s required PN (Pressure Nominale) rating.

PN16 Flanged Immersion Heater


PN16 Flange Table

Immersion Heaters – Useful PN6 Flanged Immersion Heater Related Information

FLANGED & BAFFLED PN16 Flanged Immersion Heater

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*Previously identified as the “OH SHIT” Price, now referred to as the “Distress Price.” Bring this up in our conversation, and I’ll offer you a discount as a token of appreciation for your diligence in verifying the footnote. Fair play to you!