DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters

DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters are available in a wide range of sizes.

DN25DN50DN80 DN100DN125DN150DN200DN250DN300DN350DN400DN450DN500DN600

We can do any & all sizes (DN 1″ NB (DN25) up to 12″ NB (DN300)), coupled with any & all PN (Pressure Nominale) rating.

That’s why it’s advisable for us to embrace a more traditional approach and engage in a conversation. Feel free to reach out to Jamie at 07897 246779. We can discuss potential requirements for Blind Female Flange Fittings (though it may sound complex!), gaskets, bolt kits including nuts and washers, and stand-off tubes as well.

“Measure Twice, Cut Once”, as David said, after he received this 120kW 415V 1200mm Immersed DN250 10″NB PN16 Beast, in November of ’23.

DN Immersion Heaters Images.

###If you’re open to some innovative thinking, we propose considering a Screwed Flanged* Immersion Heater as a cost-effective, and rapid turnaround alternative to an FFY Flanged Heater. Click here to peruse.###

This table outlines the corresponding DN Imperial to Metric conversions. It also provides information on the Pitch Circumference Diameter of the bolt ring.

DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters
DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters

Specifically, it presents precise dimensions for various DN specifications, taking PN16 as an illustrative example.

DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters Table
DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters Table

DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters & Breweries

As breweries (and distillers!) are our favourite customers, we tend to focus on the following 3 sizes, DN50 (3 U bent elements only). Through DN80 (sort of equivalent to the 2.25″BSP size prevalent in industry, so 3 looped elements potentially). Right up to DN125, (which could accommodate up to 9 U bent elements). These heaters are fitted with no screwing required.

As breweries (and distillers!) are our favourite customers, we like to make life easier for our friends who bring happiness & hangovers to us all. Removable Brewery Immersion Heater is a great solution if your budget allows.

A removable heater will allow essential cleaning to be conducted out of the vessel.

The “top hat” female tank ferrule allows the elements to be inserted directly & simply, with a high temperature gasket sitting between a similar “top hat” fixing on the heater.

This housing is all then held in place VERY tightly with a safety clamp. Using a wing nut for easier tightening.

This enables this heater to be rated up to 20 BAR of pressure. Far higher than a screwplug, at 6 BAR, should the need arise.

More Immersion Heaters Images

Call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your specific needs. Let’s collaborate.

Useful DIN or DN Flanged Immersion Heaters Background Information

An Immersion Heater…

Immersion Heater
Immersion Heater

…is usually 3 Heating Elements, usually Incoloy 800 sheathed (“A Superior Stainless Steel“)…

U Bent 30′′ 750mm Heating Element UK
U Bent 30′′ 750mm Heating Element UK

…sometimes U bent as in Element image, sometimes looped, as in Immersion Heater image, to fit more element into available space, thus lowering the watt density & extending it’s working life. Usually on a screwplug, usually Brass 2.25″BSP.  Usually with a terminal box, hopefully IP 67 . Commonly to screw into a vessel, usually Stainless Steel, generally through the side, via a weld boss, welded to the tank.

If you now realise what you are actually after is a Heating Element, please click HERE to visit, view and buy from our sister site, HeatingElements.co.uk.  Or you can stay on IHUK and view our element selection HERE.

If you are interested in an Immersion Heater, please select from –


Immersion Heaters UK – Useful Stuff.

3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK
3 x U bent element Immersion Heaters UK

On this site, you will not only find an online catalogue of our core range of products. You’ll find tips, advice and guidance, as well as links to other resources to make your life easier, including our heating calculators.


On our blog, ElementsOfHeating there is a wealth of relevant and useful information, such as an explanation of what a heating element actually is. Also we have a full description and explanation of the component parts of a screwed immersion heater and my best punt at explaining the joys of watt density, and it’s crucial importance when choosing the most appropriate immersion heater for wateroil, and breweries. Also available is an informational entry about the process we go through when designing immersion heaters generally.

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…an explanation of what a heating element is

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