Jamie Bristoll

If you wish to put a face, albeit a somewhat weathered one, to the voice on the fone, here is Jamie Bristoll.

First off, the Office / HomeSweetHome where I may be struggling for a signal to speak to you on the fone.

Much thanks to Flinn, mi Amigo, for this bostin footage of my home, including me in Captain’s hat. Watch this space. Maybe a Summer version, too. All those leaves make the place look untidy. And starboard side of boat is as yet unfinished BattleShip grey paint wise. And she has no name/signage as yet. She will be “The Real Me“, with appropriate Who artwork, when mark at Graphic Wizard enacts the plan.

Jamie Bristoll – Life, the Universe & Everything.

I’m not a big fan of the Selfie, but I am very keen on every day being a life well lived. And that includes a lot of biking, yoga on the roof & swimming in rivers. Never the canal, mind you. I know what gets chucked in there, and even I ay that daft. Liquids only mind, never solids!

Jamie Bristoll
Immersion Heaters UK – Jamie Bristoll, Father, Son, Problem Solver, Exercise Looney. Can you see The Real Me, can you?

If you got this far, fair play to you. Let’s Collaborate!